Download Texturizer 1.8.1 from this page right now! The setup file is self-extracting and will guide you through the installation.

Updated 27th August
Texturizer will work on Windows XP if Service Pack 1 or greater is installed. As of writing, SP1 has not yet been released. Texturizer will not work correctly on Windows XP if SP1 is not installed. This is because of bugs in RICHED20.DLL, provided by Microsoft.

Download Download Texturizer (3.53 MB)

Download Texturizer 1.8.1 by clicking on one of the two links above.

Tip: Be sure to download the Notepad.exe replacement to make sure Texturizer will be used as the default text editor, even if another program tries to start Notepad.

Can you help us? With more and more Texturizer users the load on the FTP servers that distribute Texturizer is raising. To spread this load we're looking for Internet Providers that can host our installation files. .

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