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                         August 2002
                         Version 1.8
This document provides information for Texturizer and is best
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For information on how to use Texturizer, please read the
Texturizer User's Guide, accessible from the Help menu in the
To view this file on screen in Texturizer, maximize the Texturizer window. To print this file, use the Print command in the File menu. CONTENTS
- THANK YOU - FEATURES - WHAT'S NEW - REPLACE NOTEPAD - UNINSTALL - KNOWN ISSUES - LICENSE AGREEMENT - REQUIREMENTS - OTHER INFORMATION THANK YOU Texturizer has most of the features you will ever need. This is a list of the most important ones: Macro support - Record keystrokes and replay them with just a single click - Support for saving, loading and editing of macro files Fully Configurable Syntax Highlighting - Predefined support for nearly 30 languages - Automatically highlights Internet links and e-mail addresses - Create new language definitions or edit existing ones with ease Fully Configurable Toolbar - Add or remove any button of your choice - Use your own graphics on the buttons Fully Configurable Keyboard Shortcuts - Assign any action to any key on your keyboard Choose between two different styles - Tab Style: Opens all documents in the same window - Notepad Style: Opens all documents in separate windows Complete Word - Type the beginning of a word and complete it with a single click - Add any word or phrase to the wordlists - Use different word lists for different document types AutoSpell Spell Checking support Fully Configurable Cliptext Lists Find/Replace, including advanced search options Multiple Undo/Redo levels Automatically saves and loads DOS, UNIX and Macintosh files Status Bar, displaying line, column, character, size and format Bookmarks - Jump to saved positions with ease UPPER/lower/Capitalize/Sentence/iNVERT Case Conversions Many other text conversions Auto-Save and Backup features Favorites List for your most frequently used files and folders Localization - Ability to translate Texturizer to other languages Customizable Open/Save Dialogs, Colors, Fonts, Title Bar appearance, Printer Margins, Header/Footer and much more... For a complete list of features, including explanations of what they do, please read the Texturizer User's Guide (Texturizer.html). If you are reading this file in Texturizer, simply select Texturizer User's Guide from the Help menu. WHAT'S NEW
See History.txt for information on what has been added, changed, fixed, updated or removed in all versions of Texturizer. If you are reading this file in Texturizer, simply select What's New from the Help menu. REPLACE NOTEPAD
Some programs start Notepad when displaying text files, without giving you an option to select another text editor. For example, Internet Explorer starts Notepad when you select View Source. If you want to use Texturizer in cases where a program starts Notepad, you will have to replace Notepad. Please visit http://www.texturizer.net for instructions on how to do this. There you will be able to download a small program that will make sure Texturizer is started whenever a program tries to start Notepad. UNINSTALL
Although I hope you will never find a reason for it, uninstalling Texturizer is easy. Simply select Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel, select Texturizer in the list of installed applications and press Change/Remove. Note that the uninstaller will not remove any additional file associations made from within the Associate tab in the Options window. It will only remove the file associations made during installation. KNOWN ISSUES
1.) In order to work properly on Windows XP, Service Pack 1 or later must be installed. This is because of a bug in riched20.dll (Q320368), provided by Microsoft. Please notice that this is not a bug in Texturizer! 2.) Certain printer specific options, such as double sided printing, do not work in Texturizer. Also, Texturizer will always print using the default printer installed, regardless of which printer you specify. Hopefully, these issues will be fixed in a future version. 3.) When using Drag-and-Drop from WinZip 7.0 or 8.0 to Texturizer, a small icon will be inserted into the text instead of the file being opened. This seems to be the only program that acts this way. I will eventually try to contact the people at WinZip to see if there is a solution to this problem. Until then, drag the file(s) to the window title of Texturizer instead of the actual text in the document. 4.) If you are using LiteStep, Texturizer will not be displayed in the LiteStep task bar. This problem applies to all Visual Basic programs and is nothing I can do about. The developers of LiteStep say that VB programs differ from other programs in the way they are placed on the Explorer task bar. This is a problem or bug in LiteStep, not in Texturizer. However, you will still be able to access Texturizer from the system tray. LICENSE AGREEMENT
This program is licensed as shareware, which means that you may evaluate it for free during a 30-day trial period. After that, you must register Texturizer if you want to continue using it. For information on how to place an order, please read the Order.txt file, accessible from the Help menu. Texturizer may be freely distributed as a whole package (including Texturizer.html, Texturizer.txt, History.txt, Order.txt, and all Cliptext, Complete Word, Macro, and Syntax Highlighting files) provided it is unmodified and no charge is made for the distributed copies. Please ask us before distributing the program on CD-ROMs. The software is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind, and the author expressly disclaims all warranties, expressed and implied. The author does not warrant that the operation of the software will be error-free, or that defects in the software will be corrected. The entire risk as to the results and performance of the software is assumed by you. By using Texturizer, you accept all terms in this license agreement. REQUIREMENTS
Texturizer needs Internet Explorer 4.0 (or a newer version) in order to work properly. Most systems already have this version installed, but old Windows 95 systems may not. The latest version of Internet Explorer can be downloaded from the following location: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/downloads. The reason why Texturizer needs this program is because it updates many required system files that are not included in the Texturizer installation. Texturizer also needs the system files MSVBVM60.DLL, RICHTX32.OCX, COMCT332.OCX, COMCTL32.OCX and MSCOMCTL.OCX in order to run. These files are included in the installation, but if you got this software without them, you should be able to locate them in an FTP search engine, such as http://ftpsearch.ntnu.no. In order to use the built-in support for AutoSpell spell checking, you need to download AutoSpell from http://www.spellchecker.com. Any personal version of AutoSpell will work with Texturizer.
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