Replace Notepad

Some programs starts Notepad when displaying text files, without giving the user an option to select another text editor. For example, Internet Explorer starts Notepad when you select View Source. If you want to use Texturizer in cases where a program would normally start Notepad, you will have to replace Notepad. This is the most powerful way to use Texturizer and is highly recommended.

Download Notepad.exe Replacement

This only has to be done once. Simply download the Notepad.exe replacement and put it in your Windows folder (normally C:\Windows).

This small program has one simple task: To start Texturizer! It's like a shortcut to Texturizer.exe. When you download a new version of Texturizer, you don't have to update this small program. It will always run Texturizer from it's original directory.

Download (27 kB)

Overwriting existing files is generally not a good idea, since it can't be undone. Therefore, it is recommended that you rename the original Notepad.exe to something else before placing this new Notepad.exe replacement in the Windows folder.

Important note for Windows 2000/XP users: Windows 2000/XP has a protection agains overwriting of system files built into the file system. The easiest way to get around this is to start Windows in Safe Mode. Then, open the folder "%SystemRoot%\System32\dllcache" (normally, %SystemRoot% is equal to "C:\WinNT" in Windows 2000, and "C:\Windows" in Windows XP) . In this folder, rename the original notepad.exe to oldnotepad.exe.

Now you can place the new notepad.exe replacement in "%SystemRoot%\System32\DLLCache", "%SystemRoot%\System32" and "%SystemRoot%". If any warnings about overwriting system files should pop up, simply Cancel them.

After the new notepad.exe is copied to the three locations specified above, you can restart Windows again.

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