When upgrading Texturizer, new keyboard shortcuts, dialog filters,
toolbar buttons and syntax highlighting languages may have been
added. However, since Texturizer preserves your settings, the new
features may not be activated, unless you reset these settings to
the default. For example, version 1.8 introduces syntax highlighting
support for PHP3 files, but if you're upgrading, the language may
not be assigned to the .php file extension. To reset these settings
to the default settings, select Tools->Options from the menu to
display the Options window.
* To reset the keyboard shortcuts, select the Keyboard tab and
  press Restore All.
* To reset the toolbar buttons, select the Toolbar tab and press
  Restore All.
* To reset the syntax highlighting languages, select the Syntax
  tab and press Restore All.
* To reset the Open/Save As dialog filters, select the Filter tab
  and press Restore All.
This section contains information on what has been added,
changed, fixed, updated and removed in all versions of
1.8     Released 
      � Added support for localization
        It is now possible to translate Texturizer to other
        languages by using Texturizer Language Packs. Visit
        www.texturizer.net for official Texturizer Language Packs
      � Limited Unicode support (experimental; doesn't support
        non-ANSI characters, doesn't support Big Endian)
      � Texturizer now supports Windows XP themes, for a greater
        visual experience
      � Updated many toolbar and window icons to high color
      � Updated the AutoSpell� support
        AutoSpell should now work under Windows 2000/Me/XP
      � Added Automatic Line Update for the Syntax Highlighting
        Edited lines in a document now gets updated automatically
        when leaving them (very useful when editing source code)
      � Ability to Send E-mail from the File menu
      � Added a toolbar button for the Send E-mail feature
      � Improved file association options
        Ability to add AND remove file type associations
      � The Associate tab in the Options window is now more
        intelligent; it detects what options are enabled
      � New panel in Status Bar: File Encoding (ANSI/Unicode)
      � Ability to change file encoding from the Properties window
      � Added the missing Escape Character support for delimiters
        in the Syntax Highlighting engine and updated the affected
        languages (C/C++, Java, JavaScript, etc.)
      � Added Syntax Highlighting support for PHP3, WAP/WML 1.1
        and Nullsoft (SuperPiMP|Scriptable) Install System files
      � Added Complete Word support for PHP3, CSS2, WAP/WML 1.1
        and Nullsoft (SuperPiMP|Scriptable) Install System files
      � Added the Encrypted attribute to the Properties window
      � Updated the Syntax Highlighting support for HTML 4.01,
        CSS2, Windows INI, Visual Basic and Registry files
      � Updated the Complete Word support for HTML 4.01
      � Updated the Texturizer logo/icon
      � Changed installer (there were too many annoying issues with
        the Windows Installer, and it was too hard to fully
        understand how the darn thing works!)
      � The installer can now optionally register various file
        types with Texturizer (including the System Menu option)
      � The uninstaller now properly removes file type associations
        and other settings that the previous uninstaller left behind  
      � Updated the HTML Font feature
        CSS is now used instead of deprecated HTML code. Font
        size, color, underline and strikeout effects are included.
      � The status bar now displays the total number of lines
      � Renamed the HTML Font feature to HTML/CSS Font
      � Updated CSS.ctf, HTML.ctf, HTMLColor.ctf and Example.ctf
      � When highlighting an e-mail address and using the Run
        command, the default e-mail client is started, just like
        when double-clicking an underlined e-mail address
      � Added an option to close the Go To Line window
        automatically when done
      � The tool tip for a toolbar button can now display the
        current keyboard shortcut, if the button runs a menu
      � If a tool tip for a toolbar button is not specified, the
        caption of the menu item will be used (if a menu item is
        specified as the Cliptext Data)
      � Complete Word Lists are now reloaded automatically after
        adding a new word
      � Reorganized the View menu to make it more intuitive
      � Changed the default toolbar buttons on new installs
      � Better E-mail detecting in the Syntax Highlighter
        (Texturizer no longer highlights invalid e-mail addresses
        such as @texturizer.net or djst@texturizer.)
      � The customized message boxes now plays the proper sound
        event according to the system settings
      � Updated the default Open/Save dialog filters
      � Renamed the Regular Expression option to Cliptext
        Variables (it isn't true regular expressions anyway)
      � Renamed the HTML Color feature to Hex Color
      � Renamed the User Defined Strings to Custom Strings
      � Removed the modern style on buttons and text fields
        introduced in version 1.75, since support for Windows XP
        themes is now used instead
      � Removed the File Tabs bottom placement option (not
        supported by the ActiveX control comctl32.ocx)
      � Removed the Close Window button in the Document List window
      � Updated the button images in the Document List window
      � Rephrased many dialogs in the program
      � Changed the Font dialog so it only accepts ANSI codepage
        fonts (Terminal, for instance, is not supported)
      � Removed registry cleanup code from Texturizer itself and
        put it in the installer instead
      � Rewrote the Auto Indent code which fixed two bugs
      � It is now easier to restore from Full Screen mode, just
        click the restore button in the upper right corner of the
        window, or right click the program in the Windows task bar
        and select Restore
      � Fixed a bug that made Texturizer keep running in the
        background if the Automatic Syntax Highlighting window
        was loaded
      � Fixed a bug that made it impossible to specify the file
        size limit for the Automatic Syntax Highlighting in KB
      � The Command Line parser couldn't properly detect relative
        paths (e.g. "..\file.txt"); fixed now
      � Fixed a bug in the Remove Preceding Spaces conversion
      � The Remember Last Opened Directory option always used
        the current directory instead of the last opened when
        choosing Open from an Untitled file; fixed now
      � The Specify Default Directory option didn't always use
        the default directory; fixed now
      � Fixed a bug that made it impossible to open files with some
        foreign characters in the file name
      � Fixed a small Remove Syntax Highlighting bug
      � Fixed a small bug that would erase the Clipboard if the
        first command used after starting Texturizer was Ctrl+V
      � Fixed a small bug that would disable User Defined String 0
        if it was added when no other strings was specified
      � Fixed a small bug that made macros starting with comments
        unable to run from the command line
      � Fixed a small bug in the Search window that could convert
        line breaks to "\\n" instead of "\n"
      � Fixed a small bug that made custom toolbar images appear
        as questionmarks sometimes
      � Some small changes and improvements and many minor bug
1.77    Released 
      � Updated ASM.stx, C and C++.stx and C and C++.cwf
      � RICHTX32.OCX was missing in the installation program;
        added now
      � Disabled an annoying auto-heal feature in the Windows
        Installer that recreated shortcuts in the Start menu if
        they were deleted
      � Added a Quick Launch shortcut in the installation
      � The Desktop shortcut in the installation is now optional
      � Texturizer wasn't capable of saving files with
        the Hidden attribute set; fixed now
      � Fixed a critical bug that occurred when clicking on an
        empty part of a Complete Word list
      � Fixed a small bug that made Texturizer keep running in
        the background after a critical error when starting the
      � Some functions in the program, such as "Tools>Complete
        Word>Edit Global Wordlist" and "Help>Read Me" could not
        find a file if the Hidden or System attribute was set;
        fixed now
      � When adding a word to a Complete Word list using the 
        "Tools>Complete Word>Add Word" command, Texturizer would
        display a warning if the file had the Hidden or System
        attribute set; fixed now
      � Renamed the "Open File Directory" command
        to "Open Containing Folder"
      � Small improvements in the installation
1.76    Released 
      � Upgraded from VB5 to VB6, which should lead to a
        faster and more reliable program
      � New installation program, taking advantage of the
        Windows Installer that is shipped with Windows Me,
        2000 and XP
      � New, cool file tabs and toolbar design
      � New, modern style on buttons and text fields
      � The Favorites menu is now capable of storing all
        currently opened files as one single Favorite item,
        which makes it useful when working with projects
        involving several files
      � Greatly improved performance on very large files when
        running Windows 2000/XP - Saving, loading, switching
        between documents, applying syntax highlighting and
        searching should be much faster now
      � Added ability to use large text fields in the
        Find/Replace window that can display hard returns
      � Added Complete Word Files for SQL, Perl and Litestep
      � Added a macro command for changing the document type
      � Added a Change Sound Events button in the General tab
        of the Options window and moved the Enable Sound Events
        option from the Appearance tab to the General tab
      � Added a Help button in the Options window
      � The File Properties window is now displayed if you
        double-click on the File Size panel in the Status Bar
      � Double-click on the Insert/Overwrite indicator in the
        status bar to change mode
      � The scroll bar doesn't flicker or disappear anymore
        when updating the syntax highlighting
      � When closing a document, the document on the left side
        of that document is activated instead of the right-side
        document. This is more consistent since a new document
        is created on the right side of the current document.
        Made the same changes on the list boxes in the Options
        and Organize Favorites windows too
      � When opening an rtf document, "RTF" will be displayed in
        the file type indicator of the status bar
      � When using the DOS Command feature, the output is now
        automatically converted from OEM to ANSI
      � When deleting an opened file from the Properties window,
        Texturizer can now also close the document
      � It is now possible to change document type
        (DOS/UNIX/MAC) even if you are editing a binary file
      � If is now possible to undo the Auto-Indent portion of a
        hard return
      � The Load Macro File command now remembers the last used
        folder instead of always using the Texturizer folder
      � The Document List window now indicates if a file has
        been modified, just as the file tabs do
      � Changed the default Undo/Redo levels to the maximum
        number of 32767
      � Removed the double-click feature on the file tab for
        the current document (it was a bit confusing...)
      � Removed the option to change toolbar style
        Who wants to use the old-style Win95 toolbar anyway?
      � Redesigned some dialogs and made the Find/Replace
        window larger
      � The Save Workspace option didn't work, fixed it
      � The Automatic Syntax Highlighting only applied color to
        x lines BELOW the visible text, not ABOVE; fixed now
      � The Time/Date properties dialog wasn't displayed when
        double-clicking on the panels in the Status Bar on
        Windows 95/98, fixed now
      � The command-line option /TRAY will now work even if
        files are opened at the same time
      � Fixed a bug that occurred when opening very large files
      � Fixed a bug that occurred when adding a toolbar button
        with no Cliptext data
      � Fixed bugs that would occur when pressing Ctrl+Alt+E,
        Alt+Insert and Shift+Ctrl+Z, if no keyboard shortcut was
        assigned to those keystrokes
      � Fixed a bug that occurred when loading multiple macros
        in a Cliptext list using wildcards
      � Fixed a bug that would occur if Texturizer was closed
        while a dialog window was active
      � Fixed a serious registration bug
      � Fixed a small Syntax Highlighting bug
      � Removed some forgotten debug code from version 1.75
      � Optimized the code in several key features of the program
      � Several small bug fixes and changes...
1.75    Released 2001-05-09
      � Added a fully configurable Complete Word feature
        Complete any word that you type automatically with
        just a single click
      � Added Word Count
        Similar to the feature in Microsoft Word
      � Added new macro functions: Trim/Omit Trailing
        Character(s) and Trim/Omit Preceding Character(s)
      � Sped up Regular Expression and Cliptext code
      � Added a dialog box asking the user to change the
        default syntax highlighting language if changed
        from the 'Tools>Syntax Highlighting>Set Language...'
        menu option
      � Added new mouse click features in the main window
        - Double click on Line/Col panel in the status bar to
          display the Go To Line window
        - Click on the file tab for the current document to
          display the File Properties window
        - Double click on the Date/Time panel in the status
          bar to display the Date/Time Properties window
      � Added simple syntax highlighting support for XML files
      � Documents are now opened next to the current document
        and new documents get the same path as the current
      � Slightly changed the way sound events works
      � Removed WININET.DLL from the installation program
      � Made the macro code more descriptive, where possible
      � Fixed several bugs related to Notepad Style
      � Fixed an Explorer multiple file open bug
      � Fixed a compressed/encrypted file attribute bug
        in Windows NT/2000
      � Fixed a macro recording bug
      � Fixed a Go To Line window bug
      � Fixed some access key bugs in the Find/Replace window
      � Fixed a bug in the customized dialog windows that could
        make the text unreadable
      � Fixed a View menu bug
      � Several small bug fixes you didn't even know was there,
        and some improvements...
1.73    Released 2000-05-30
      � Added a Properties dialog
        Move/rename the current file or change attributes
        and text format (DOS/UNIX/MAC) with ease
      � Added a Quick Open file dialog
      � Added a Cliptext Command input dialog in the Tools
        menu to quickly insert a Cliptext command
      � Added keyboard shortcut ability for the ten most
        recently used files ('File>Recent Files>0-9') and the
        last viewed window ('Window>Last Viewed')
      � Added a new double-click function on the status bar
      � Added new pre-defined toolbar buttons
      � Added window icons in many dialogs
      � Added a nag screen for those pesky users who refuses
        to register after the evaluation period...
      � Added a Properties button in the Document List window
      � Redesigned the Document List window
      � The Document List Window is now restored on start up
      � The tool tip for the File Size panel in the status
        bar now displays more detailed file size information
      � Texturizer is now capable of saving both read-only
        and system files transparently
      � A warning is now displayed if a binary file is about
        to be overwritten
      � Updated some syntax highlighting files
      � Fixed a registration issue on Windows NT/2000
      � Fixed a Syntax Highlighting bug that occurred if the
        Cancel button was clicked in the progress dialog
      � Fixed a Tab Style to Notepad Style switch bug
      � Fixed two toolbar bugs
      � The Cut/Copy Rich Text Format commands did not work,
        fixed now
      � Fixed a bug that could occur when editing binary files
      � Fixed a small Word Wrap bug
      � Fixed a small AutoComplete bug
      � Other small changes and bug fixes...
1.72    Released
      � Added AutoComplete feature in many dialogs,
        such as DOS Command and Organize Favorites
      � Bookmarks can now store selections too, in addition
        to cursor positions
      � Added Trim Trailing Spaces conversion
      � Added Trim Preceding Spaces conversion
      � Made some bookmark commands recordable
        (Toggle, Next, Previous, and Clear All Bookmarks)
      � Added an option to change the number of lines to
        apply syntax highlighting on above and below the
        visible part of the document
        The less lines to color the faster, but the more
        often it will need to update
      � Added a new macro command: Select Last Input
        Highlights the last modified text in the document
      � Updated some Syntax Highlighting languages files
      � Rewrote the code for opening files, both text and
        binary files open faster now, and some files that
        couldn't be opened because of access errors can now
        be opened
      � Changed the Cliptext Window and Document List from
        toolbar windows to normal windows to workaround a
        bug in WindowBlinds and to allow WB skins on these
      � The Document List now uses the same colors as the
        main window by default
      � Added an option to use default colors in the Cliptext
        Window and Document List
      � Fixed a toolbar bug that made it impossible to use
        external toolbar icons
      � Fixed a tab width bug introduced in version 1.71 as
        a result of the new left margin
      � Fixed an Italic property bug in the Font dialog
      � Fixed some Windows 2000 bugs related to documents with
        strange line terminators
      � Fixed Cliptext/Macro bugs related to the Cliptext code
      � Minor changes, optimizations and bug fixes...
1.71    Released 
      � The automatic Syntax Highlighting now only applies
        color on the visible part of the text to improve
        performance on large files
      � Added a Refresh All command in the Syntax Highlighting
        menu, which will apply color on the whole file at once
      � Updated some Syntax Highlighting languages
      � Sped up the Comments and Delimiters in the Syntax
      � Added a left margin in the text window
      � Ability to change the width of the left margin
      � Fixed a few bugs related to the Syntax Highlighting
      � Fixed a bug that occurred when searching upwards
      � The number of copies specified when printing was
        ignored, fixed now
      � The Restore All button in the Syntax tab of the
        Options window did not work flawlessly, fixed now
      � Removed forgotten debug code from version 1.7
      � Some minor optimizations and bug fixes...
1.7     Released 
      � Fully Configurable Syntax Highlighting!
        Predefined syntax files for HTML, C/C++, Visual Basic,
        VBScript, Java, JavaScript, Perl, SQL, ASM, Ada, COBOL,
        Cascading Style Sheet, Fortran, Smalltalk, VHDL, CFG,
        Windows INI, MS-DOS Batch, LiteStep, Progress,
        Registry, Texturizer Macro, Syntax and Cliptext files
      � Internet links and e-mail addresses (such as
        http://djst.cjb.net and djst@revolt.com) are now
        highlighted and underlined
      � Ability to double-click on links to visit them
      � Added support for Sound Events
        To edit the sound events, use the Sound Properties
        in the Control Panel
      � Ability to print documents in full color (preserving
        Syntax Highlighting)
      � Dramatically sped up the replace function
        Replacing text in large files, as well as importing
        and exporting UNIX and Macintosh files will perform
        much faster now
      � Added Cliptext lists with keywords for C/C++, Java,
        Perl, SQL and LiteStep
      � Added ability to copy and cut in Rich Text Format
      � Ability to export files to Rich Text Format
      � The Save Selection As command now saves in the
        specified file format (DOS/UNIX/MAC)
      � Improved the error messages so the user can copy the
        message to the Clipboard when reporting a bug
      � Fixed a Cliptext window bug with the Bookmarks list
      � Fixed a Preview In Browser path bug
      � Fixed a small Save As dialog bug
      � Other small bug fixes and optimizations...
1.62    Released 
      � Added Full Screen mode
      � The Undo/Redo now remembers the save point
      � The file format (DOS/UNIX/MAC) can now be changed
        by double clicking on the format indicator in the
        status bar
      � Added a convenient Window menu
      � Added a Document List window
        Displays a list of the loaded documents in Texturizer
      � Added a built-in Cliptext list for the Bookmarks of
        the current document
      � The Go To Line feature now accepts line numbers
        relative to the current line, and the Go To Line
        dialog can be displayed while still editing the
      � Added customized message boxes with checkboxes
      � The command-line now accepts filenames without paths,
        assuming that the current path is used
      � Improved the Clipboard Editor to store previous
        Clipboard content in the Undo history even if the
        Clipboard is modified by another process
      � Improved the Indent/Unindent commands
      � Added an option to choose between a single row and
        multiple rows for the file tabs
      � Changed the Go To Line macro command
        Read the User's Guide for the details
      � Made it possible to print with the Landscape
        Orientation setting
      � Fixed some Undo/Redo bugs
      � Removed some strange built-in keyboard shortcuts that
        could mess up the Undo/Redo buffer
      � Fixed a /Tray parameter bug
      � The Favorites menu in the tray did not work initially,
        fixed now
      � Fixed a run-time error that occurred if Organize
        Favorites was selected from the tray while minimized
      � Some right click Edit menu commands did not work in
        version 1.61, fixed now
      � The DOS Command output feature stopped working in
        version 1.61 on NT systems because it used the long
        filename version instead of the short, fixed now
      � Fixed a small bug in the new window position code
      � Fixed a minor Cliptext window bug
      � Fixed a few small bugs in the Options window
      � Minor bugfixes and changes...
1.61    Released 
      � Added an Auto Save feature
        Saves any modified documents automatically at
        the interval you specify
      � Added a backup feature
        Saves a backup of files before saving
      � Added Indentation commands
      � Added Regular Expression buttons in the Find/Replace
        window to improve convenience
      � Added new predefined toolbar buttons and changed
        some of the existing ones
      � Added ability to include Texturizer in the global
        system menu (the menu that pops up when you right
        click on a file in Explorer)
      � Added many new file related Regular Expression codes
      � Changed all the "\=File" Regular Expression codes
      � Automatic detection of RTF documents and ability to
        view them as plain text files
      � Texturizer now detects if a file has been modified
        from an outside process
      � The Find/Replace and Extend Selection windows now
        remember their window positions
      � The cursor now moves when right clicking on text
      � Improved the Wrap To CR/LF's conversion to remove
        the space on the end of each line
      � Sped up the performance when editing large files,
        especially when using the Backspace, Enter and
        Delete keys, or when editing in Overwrite mode
      � Changed the registry functions to improve loading
        time and reduce memory usage and cleaned up the
        registry (Some settings will be reset to default
        values when first starting this version)
      � Switching between Notepad Style and Tab Style doesn't
        require a restart anymore
      � The Organize Favorites window can now be displayed
        while still using the main window
      � Fixed a major I380 Undo/Redo bug that has been there
        since version 1.0!
      � The Go To End Of Document command stopped working in
        version 1.49, finally discovered it
      � Fixed a bug that made it impossible to use Regular
        Expression codes when using Replace or Replace Next
      � Fixed a bug that could truncate binary files when
        loading, also improved loading speed
      � Fixed a bug that could modify binary files when
        switching word wrap mode (and cause unexpected
        error I380 to occur)
      � Fixed a bug in the Rotate Alphabet/ANSI dialog
      � Fixed a mouse wheel scroll bug in the Cliptext window
        when using Windows 2000
      � Fixed a I380 bug that occurred in Windows 2000
      � Fixed a small bug that could make Texturizer crash if
        the user closed the program right after it was loaded
      � Many small changes, optimizations and bug fixes...
1.6     Released 
      � Added a fully configurable toolbar!
      � Ability to add, remove, change, and rename
        buttons in the toolbar
      � The toolbar is Cliptext based, which means
        that any function (menu command, macro or
        Cliptext) can be assigned to a button
      � Ability to change toolbar style (flat or
        classic button style)
      � Ability to create and use your own icons
        (*.ico) in the toolbar
      � Added an Auto Save Macro option (enabled by default)
      � Added a Find Next button in the Replace window
      � Added an option to always save files to DOS,
        Macintosh, UNIX or the original file format
      � Added a file format indicator in the status bar
      � Added a global hotkey which will activate
        Texturizer (default hotkey is Win+T)
      � Added ability to place the file tabs at the
        bottom of the window
      � Added Cliptext commands for some missing menu
        items, such as InsertClipText
      � Added a warning when trying to open files larger
        than a specified size (default is 3 MB)
      � Rearranged the View menu
      � Changed the behavior of the Save All command
      � The file tabs are now highlighted when the mouse
        is pointing at them
      � Fixed two bugs that occurred when scrolling
        very large documents
      � Fixed a macro bug with the Replace command
      � Fixed a bug when using Save Selection As
      � Fixed a small bug that occurred when dropping
        unknown OLE data types on Texturizer
      � Fixed a bug that recorded a Search Count as a
        normal Find command
      � Fixed a small I380 bug in documents with odd
        line terminators
      � Other small bug fixes, changes and optimizations...
1.51    Released 
      � Replaced many text boxes in dialogs with
        combo boxes, which stores the 16 most
        recently used strings for that dialog
      � The DOS Command output feature is now NT
        compatible and more reliable
      � Made the DOS Command feature recordable
      � Made all mnemonic menu shortcuts unique
      � Fixed a crash bug that occurred when closing
        Texturizer while a file was loading
      � Fixed an overflow bug that occurred on Windows
        2000 when scrolling lists
      � Fixed a bug with the find counter feature
      � Fixed a small font bug
      � Fixed a small Favorites Browse button bug
      � Other minor changes...
1.5     Released 
      � Added a Favorite list in the File menu
        Allows you to create and organize shortcuts
        to files or folders that you use often
      � Added DOS Command output feature
      � Added ability to count occurrences of text
      � Added a Save Workspace option
      � Changed the Replace command so it highlights
        the text to find before it is replaced,
        rather than afterwards
      � Sped up the delete key code
      � Improved the Regular Expression codes "\S"
        and "\C" to also accept null characters
      � Changed the IntelliMouse support code
        Possibly improved mouse wheel compability
      � Added duplicate shortcuts check in the
        Options window
      � Fixed a bug that could occur when invalid
        file type associations were used
      � Fixed a small Auto Indent setting bug
      � Fixed a small working path bug
      � Fixed a Backspace key bug (I380 bug)
      � Fixed three Overwrite bugs (I380 bugs)
      � Fixed a zero-length registry string problem
      � Other small changes and optimizations...
1.49    Released
      � Added keyboard shortcuts ability for
        the first 10 bookmarks
      � Optimized the startup speed
      � Optimized the Go To Line code and Column
        position display
      � Replaced the Order Online window with a HTML
        page online (http://texturizer.cjb.net/order)
      � Fixed yet another bug that would occur if
        no shortcuts were specified
      � Fixed a bug that disabled the Remove button
        in the Shortcut tab in Options by default
      � Fixed an I380 bug that occurred when using
        the Overwrite mode
      � Fixed problems with the Undo/Redo that occurred
        when editing files with strange line terminators
      � Solved the problem with WindowBlinds
        It should now be completely safe to apply
        WindowBlinds skins on Texturizer
      � Fixed an Undo bug introduced in version 1.48
      � Fixed a bug in the Rotate Alphabet/ANSI window
      � Fixed a macro keyboard shortcuts bug
      � Fixed a small problem with macro code 000
      � Fixed some bugs related to the workaround for the
        "Restore Behind Other Windows" bug
      � New URL to DJST Productions Online
      � Minor changes and bug fixes...
1.48    Released 
      � Added a Bookmark feature
        Lets you save positions in the documents
        to easily jump between different bookmarks
      � Added a "Sentence Case" conversion
      � Texturizer now remembers the text position
        in a document when switching back and forth
        through documents
      � Added a "Remove Characters" feature
      � Optimized the "Invert Case" conversion
        It's twice as fast now!
      � Added some Regular Expression variables that
        can be used with macro command 045 (Open Files)
        An example of this is included in Example.mac
      � Added new #Menu codes for all main menus
      � Added a new "macro only" command
      � Added a "Restore All" button for the keyboard
        shortcuts in the Options window
      � Changed the Cliptext comment code to allow
        comments anywhere in a Cliptext file
      � Changed the default font for all windows to
        Tahoma - Looks much better than MS Sans Serif
      � Added friendly error messages for common disk
        I/O errors
      � Improved the way "Select All" works
        It doesn't jump down to the end of the document
        after selecting the text
      � The original keys.ini is now stored in the exe
      � Finally, I managed to find a workaround for the
        "Restore Behind Other Windows" bug when clicking
        on the tray icon after minimizing
      � Corrected the "Whole Word Only" option for
        Find/Replace commands so it works with all
        international languages
      � Fixed some bugs in the "All Documents" scope
        for Find/Replace
      � Fixed a long lasting problem with the very
        first macro command implemented (code 000)
      � Fixed an Undo/Redo bug that could occur
        when using the Delete key
      � Fixed two Undo/Redo bugs that were messing
        up the Redo
      � Fixed a problem with AutoSpell when using
        custom colors in Texturizer
      � Fixed a font dialog bug that could crash
        Texturizer on Windows 2000
      � Fixed a strange bug that could occur with
        Logitech mice
      � Fixed a critical bug with the Cliptext window
      � Fixed a bug in the Loaded Macros Cliptext list
      � Fixed a bug that occurred when trying to open
        a file that didn't exist on startup
      � Fixed a problem with the Save As dialog
      � Fixed a minor issue with the Macro Properties
        window, when assigning a keyboard shortcut
      � Fixed a small registration bug
      � Fixed a very small bug when assigning a keyboard
        shortcut to the "Play Macro On Select" command
      � Other small changes and some optimizations...
1.47    Released 
      � Added a Clipboard Editor
        Lets you monitor and edit the Clipboard as a
        normal file!
      � Added an "Open With Associated" feature in the
        File menu
        Runs the opened file in the program associated
        for that file type
      � Added an option to hide the file tabs
      � Added an option to hide the menu
      � Removed the "Auto-Insert function at the
        beginning/end of a line"
        It is not needed anymore, since you can do
        the same using a macro assigned to the Enter key
      � Fixed a bug that made the Status Bar visible
        even if you chose to hide it
      � Fixed a tab size bug that came from the new
        version of RICHTX32.OCX in Texturizer 1.46
      � Fixed a tray icon bug that occurred on at
        least one tested machine
      � Fixed a small menu bug after using the Extend
        Selection command
      � Other small improvements and bug fixes...
1.46    Released 
      � Added 4 new macro commands (Close, Close All,
        Revert and Revert All, without confirmation)
      � Changed the appearance of some dialogs
      � Made the shareware status more obvious
      � Fixed a bug in the Texturizer installation,
        which made the AutoSpell support unusable
      � Fixed an Extend Selection bug
      � Fixed a bug in the associate file type code
      � Fixed a bug with files that begins with a
        null character
      � Fixed an Open dialog filter index bug
      � Fixed a small Status Bar bug
      � Other small changes...
1.45    Released 
      � Added AutoSpell� Spell Checker support
        Download AutoSpell� from www.spellchecker.com
      � Added Microsoft IntelliMouse support
      � Added OEM To ANSI Conversion
      � Added ANSI To OEM Conversion
      � Added HTML Color picker
      � Added HTML Font selector
      � Added a scroll macro command
      � Ability to run macros and insert Cliptext from
        the command-line
      � Made it possible to use single-key shortcuts on
        all keys, not just F1 - F12
      � Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down now scrolls the document
      � Changed the appearance of the menu and updated
        some Cliptext menu codes
      � Texturizer now trims any trailing CR/LF's in a
        Cliptext list automatically
      � Optimized some keyboard shortcut code
      � Fixed a Print Selection bug
      � Fixed an Insert File bug
      � Fixed a small bug with the new Open/Save dialogs
      � Fixed a minor bug in the Option window
      � Other small changes...
1.4     Released 
      � All keyboard shortcuts are now configurable,
        including menu commands, macros and Cliptexts!
      � Added many new macro commands
      � The comdlg32.ocx file is no longer needed
      � New registry saving location
      � Texturizer is now shareware
      � Added Internet Shortcut files (*.url) to the
        default Open/Save filter
      � Made some common error messages more friendly
      � Fixed a graphical bug with the scroll bar when
        using large system fonts
      � Fixed a minor File menu bug
1.32    Released 
      � Spaces To Tabs Conversion
      � Replaced the User Defined Strings window with a
        sub menu
      � Added ability to specify the printer font color
      � Added many new Regular Expression variables, for
        use in both Find/Replace and Cliptext lists
      � Improved the way files are opened
      � Made it possible to record Cliptext copies to the
        Windows Clipboard
      � Made it possible to copy the #File Cliptext code
        content to the Windows Clipboard
      � The #MacroFile Cliptext code now accepts filenames
        without a path - The Texturizer directory will be used
      � Fixed lots of Notepad Style bugs
        I completely forgot the Notepad Style when modifying
        the code in version 1.31!
      � Fixed a Revert bug
      � Fixed a small but annoying focus bug
      � Fixed a small Macro menu bug
      � Other minor changes and bug fixes...
1.31    Released 
      � Ability to specify the tab width in spaces
      � Tabs To Spaces conversion
      � New printing code: The tabs, font size and right
        aligned header/footer bugs are fixed
      � Improved the context sensitive menu in the Cliptext
      � Ability to move only the cursor in an Extend Selection
        command (Useful when creating macros)
      � Ability to have Texturizer on top of other windows
      � Added "Delete Line" command (Ctrl+D)
      � Improved behavior for the "Convert New Tabs To Spaces"
      � Updated the default Open/Save dialog filters
      � The Save Macro dialog is now defaulting to the working
        directory of Texturizer
      � Sped up the code when opening multiple files
      � Removed the "Total Pages" variable %N for the header
        and footer; it was not reliable - Please update your
        printer settings!
      � Fixed a /TRAY option bug
      � Fixed a small Go To Line bug
      � Fixed a small Cliptext bug
1.3     Released 
      � New and improved Macro/Cliptext support
        Cliptext files are now capable of storing macros,
        pointing to saved macro files and playing macros
      � Added a Cliptext list that displays all loaded macros
      � Ability to play loaded macros while recording
      � Added a pop up menu when right clicking on a Cliptext
      � Added a "Rotate Alphabet" conversion
        Same as the old "ROT-13" conversion, but you can
        now change 13 to any number
      � Added a "Rotate ANSI" conversion
        Same as "Rotate Alphabet", but with the difference
        that you can specify the ANSI code boundaries
      � The Status Bar now displays the character position,
        as well as the line and column number
      � Added an ability to specify the working directory of
        Texturizer. This is useful if you move Texturizer.exe
        to another path and still want to use the original
        path for Macro files, Cliptext files, etc.
      � The Open dialog for macro files is now defaulting to
        the working directory of Texturizer
      � Added "What's New" in the Help menu
      � Added a version check when starting
      � Renamed the "Rotate ASCII" conversion to "Invert ANSI"
      � Removed the "ROT-13" conversion
      � Changed the Save All command so it only saves
        modified documents
      � All pop up menus now accepts right clicks too
      � Fixed a macro Backspace bug
      � Fixed a bug that occurred when pressing Restore All
        in the Filter tab of the Option window
      � Fixed a minor bug that occurred when using the new
        Close shortcut (Ctrl+F4)
      � Other small changes...
1.29    Released 
      � Added an ability to specify exactly which part of
        a Cliptext that should be selected when inserted
      � Made Cliptext insertions recordable
      � Added an option to use single clicks in the
        Cliptext window, instead of double clicks
      � Added an alternative shortcut for Close (Ctrl+F4)
      � Changed the Undo/Redo code for Overwrite mode
      � Fixed a bug when replacing text with the scope set
        to All Documents
      � Fixed a bug that occurred when playing a macro that
        inserted text with Overwrite activated
      � Fixed a Save Selection bug
      � Fixed a small maximize recall bug
      � Fixed a small floating window bug
      � Fixed a really small Revert bug
      � Fixed bugs that could occur if a user created
        certain types of SendKeys macros
      � Small graphical improvements...
1.28    Released 
      � Added UNIX and Macintosh Export/Import
      � The Cliptext Window now remembers the most recently
        used list and its position
      � Improved the way Texturizer opens binary files (they
        remain intact now, even if they are saved)
      � Added ability to specify the Automatic Indentation
        characters (normally tabs and spaces)
      � Improved the Replace speed for large files
      � Added a shortcut key for Preview In Browser (F5)
      � Changed the shortcut for Date/Time (Shift+F5)
      � Optimized the code for the character position in the
        Status bar
      � Changed the default tray icon mode for new users
      � Added some information in the Status Bar when saving
        and loading files
      � Fixed a bug when recording some macros that used the
        codes 000 or 001 in their second line
      � Fixed a bug that occurred when using the "#" character in
        a Cliptext list
      � Fixed a bug in the Options window
      � Fixed a small bug that closed all floating windows even
        if the user chose Cancel
      � Minor changes and bug fixes...
1.27    Released 
      � Added a Cliptext Window - A set of completely
        customizable text lists, including predefined lists with
        HTML tags, HTML characters, Style Sheets and ANSI
      � Automatic Line Indentation
      � The User Defined Strings Window now remember its size,
        position and visible state
      � The User Defined Strings Window now uses the same colors
        as the main window
      � The Recent Files list is now available in the tray menu
      � Added some Cliptext examples in the distribution
      � Fixed a bug when using Find/Replace with the scope set
        to "All Documents"
      � Fixed a bug that occurred when opening a binary file and
        selecting Cancel
      � Fixed a small Edit menu bug when closing a document
      � Fixed a very small bug when pressing Enter
1.26    Released
      � Added a new Search Scope option: "All Documents"
        This will perform a Find/Replace in all opened documents
      � A search for the content of the Clipboard now works with
        Extend Selection
      � Added an option to open binary files in Texturizer
      � Made it possible to run applications with command-line
        parameters and different window states in macros
      � Made it possible to copy/append any text to the Clipboard
        in macros, not just the selected text
      � Added a new option for the Title Format of Texturizer
      � Made a right click on a tab activate the selected tab
        before displaying the pop up menu
      � Changed the appearance of the About box :)
      � Fixed a bug that occurred when saving files on compressed
        NTFS partitions
      � Other small changes...
1.25    Released 
      � Added ability to search for the content of the Clipboard
        in any Find/Replace command by using "\c" with the
        "Regular Expression" option checked
      � Added new Cut and Copy commands: Append After Clipboard
        and Append Before Clipboard
      � Made the Run command available even if no text is selected
      � Fixed a bug in the Delete Word command (Ctrl+Delete)
      � Fixed a bug when pressing Shift+Ctrl+Backspace
      � Fixed a bug when using the Find window
      � Fixed bugs related to the Notepad Style
      � Fixed bugs related to macro menu separators
      � Optimized code and fixed some other small bugs
1.24    Released 
      � Added Go To Line ability
      � Added a new command-line parameter: /TRAY
        This will launch Texturizer directly in the systray
      � Added ability to open the directory of the current file
        from the File menu
      � The Status Bar is now displaying the current character
        position, not just the line number
      � Completely rewrote the CR/LF's To Wrap function (it's
        much faster now)
      � Sped up the Close All function (which also speeds
        up the closing of the whole program)
      � Added ability to specify the number of recent files to
        display in the menu (1-36)
      � Added a number before every file name in the Recent
        Files list
      � Changed the appearance of the User Defined Strings
      � Increased the maximum size of User Defined Strings to
        16 K
      � Changed the default font to Courier New
      � Made it possible to insert a specified Date/Time format
        in a macro
      � Made it possible to use separators in the Macro menu
      � Fixed a bug when opening several documents at once
        and one or more of them were binary files
      � Fixed a bug that made it impossible to save hidden
        or system files with the Read Only attribute set
      � Fixed a bug when trying to save a macro with illegal
        characters in the name
      � Other small bug fixes...
1.23    Released 
      � Made it possible to search for CR/LF's and tabs in
        the Find/Replace and Extend Selection windows, by
        using the "Regular Expression" option
        ("\n" for CR/LF's and "\t" for tabs)
      � Texturizer can now also print the selected text only
      � The "Preview HTML File" feature is now saving the
        temporary file in the same directory as the saved
        file. Also, it works with untitled files now
      � Added the Notepad .LOG "feature"
      � Made Texturizer remember the previous window state
        when starting or restoring (Maximized or Normal)
      � Ctrl+Tab and Shift+Ctrl+Tab switches to the next or
        previous document
      � Updated the icon for Texturizer files
      � Fixed a bug when using Replace Next
      � Fixed a minor menu bug for Windows 95 users
      � Removed a stupid startup bug that came with version
        1.22 (Unexpected error A360)
      � Limited the maximum opened documents to 128 due to
        some errors when exceeding the previous limit
      � Corrected the delete word command (Ctrl+Delete) and
        made it recordable
      � Fixed a bug when selecting Cancel on Close All or
        when closing the program
      � Fixed a small bug that made the text box lose focus
        when turning Word Wrap on/off
      � Other smaller bug fixes
1.22    Released 
      � The GPF when closing was still there... fixed now?
      � Fixed a bug that made Texturizer continue to run even
        if Windows tried to shut down or log out
      � Fixed a lot of potential bugs when opening several
        documents at the same time
      � Made Texturizer restore the position if it was beyond
        the screen width or height (for virtual desktop users)
1.21    Released 
      � Added a "Preview HTML File" feature
      � Fixed a GPF when closing Texturizer
      � Fixed a bug that could crash Texturizer if many
        files where opened at the same time
      � Fixed a bug that prevented Texturizer from opening
        files using a network path
      � Fixed a bug that made some binary files being opened
        twice due to a compatibility issue
1.2     Released 
      � Tab Style - Opens all documents in the same window!
        Each document have it's own tab
      � Notepad Style - You can still choose to open each
        document in separate instances of Texturizer if you
        prefer heaps with windows in the task bar...
      � Texturizer can now be displayed in both the task bar
        and the system tray
      � Ability to have Texturizer available in the tray even
        after it's closed, for faster access
      � Automatically converts any file name to the proper
        long file name
      � Improved command line and Drag-and-Drop support:
        Any wild cards can be used (e.g. *.txt)
      � Added ability to specify margins, header, footer and
        font when printing - At last, the biggest flaw in
        Texturizer is removed!
      � Added "Save All", "Close", "Close All" and "New Window"
        in the menu
      � Fixed a bug that occurred when removing one macro from
1.16    Released 
      � Added a "Run" command in the Edit menu - Runs the
        selected text as if it was entered in the Windows Run
      � Added a Recent Files list in the File menu
      � Added a Restore All button for the filters in the
        Options window
      � The Save As dialog is now defaulting to the current
        file type (never create a *.html.txt file again!)
      � The Find dialog now has a Replace button to instantly
        switch to Replace mode
      � Improved the printer support; at least it doesn't
        print on the edge of the paper anymore...
      � Added *.css, *.jav and *.java files to the default
      � Added "All Files (*.*)" in the Load Macro dialog
        (Any file extension is allowed, and *.mac seems to
        confuse some people)
      � Made Shift+Delete act like Ctrl+X (Cut)
      � Made Ctrl+Delete delete a word
      � Fixed a Word Wrap bug
      � Fixed bugs that occurred when pressing Shift+Insert and
      � Fixed a bug in the Undo/Redo history
      � Fixed a Drag-and-Drop bug when using WinZip
      � Minor changes
1.15    Released 
      � Added the Texturizer User's Guide
      � Added an option for the appearance of the title bar
      � Added a macro example in the distribution
      � Increased the maximum Undo history from 255 to 32767
      � Changed the appearance of the Help menu
      � Optimized code for the "Invert Case" and "Rotate ASCII"
      � Improved Replace speed (up to 5 times faster, however,
        it's still extremely slow on large files)
      � Made Texturizer capable of saving files with the Read
        Only attribute set
      � Fixed a bug that made the "Wrap To CR/LF's" conversion
        add the hard returns one column later than specified
      � Fixed an Insert/Overwrite bug
      � Change the behavior of the "Wrap To CR/LF's"
        conversion when dealing with tabs
      � Fixed a bug that occurred when the Find window was
        displayed and Replace was selected in the menu
      � Fixed a small font bug
      � Made some error messages more informative
      � Removed unnecessary lines of code
      � Other small bug fixes and changes
1.14    Released
      � Added ability to associate file types with Texturizer
        in the Options window
      � Added "Extend Selection" ability (Useful for macros)
      � Made the "Save As" dialog display only the file name
        (not the whole path to the file)
      � Cleaned up the Auto Load Macro code (Possibly improved
        start up speed)
      � Fixed a bug that made the "Remember Last Opened
        Directory" feature fail sometimes
      � Fixed a LF bug that occurred if a user pressed Alt+10
      � Fixed a CR/LF bug in "Reverse Direction" (and
        possibly made the "Reverse Direction" conversion
        slower, but accuracy is more important than speed)
      � Fixed a "Stop macro if a Find/Replace string not found"
      � Fixed the last Font Color bug (hopefully)
      � Removed a lot of initiations from the start up
        procedure (Possibly improved start up speed)
1.13    Released 
      � Fixed a really evil bug that occurred when doing a
        Find/Replace with no macros loaded (Sorry everybody!)
      � Fixed a Macro bug that occurred when playing Left and
        Right arrow keys
      � Fixed a Font Color bug
      � Fixed a Macro bug that occurred if a search for an
        empty string was performed (i.e. someone modified a
        macro file to search for nothing)
      � Fixed a small bug that disabled "Select All" when
        opening a file (Obviously I didn't fix it in 1.12!)
      � Changed a minor detail when selecting the CR/LF at the
        end of the document and running a convert command
      � Made the search direction switch to All when selecting
        Replace All
      � Changed the default font for the Status Bar to "Tahoma"
      � Removed the double click action again
      � Made the mouse cursor change to a hand when it's over
        the links in the About box :)
1.12    Released 
      � Added "Search In Entire Document/Selected Text" ability
        (Very useful for Find/Replace macros)
      � Added "Direction: All" ability (A Find/Replace will
        start at the beginning of the document, no matter where
        the actual insertion point is)
      � Added a macro properties option related to "Search In
        Selected Text"
      � Fixed a fatal bug that occurred if a macro was played
        and cut text with no content
      � Fixed some bugs that occurred if a CR/LF with 3
        characters was deleted
      � Fixed a Macro bug related to the CR/LF bug above
      � Fixed a small bug that disabled "Select All" when
        opening a file
      � Fixed a visual bug in "Wrap To CR/LF's"
      � Fixed a Ctrl+Tab bug
      � Fixed a stupid bug in the Options window
1.11    Released 
      � Added "ROT-13" conversion (zl png'f anzr vf Gvtre)
      � Made the Find/Replace text boxes capable of any text
      � Made a double click on the text show the Open File
      � Made Texturizer remain invisible when double clicking
        on a binary file
      � Added menu shortcuts for Capitalize and Invert Case
      � Fixed a stupid file size bug that could mess up the
        Undo history
      � Fixed a known-but-forgotten bug when using "Custom
        Color" settings
      � Fixed an old filter bug that occurred when moving a
        filter item up or down
      � Fixed a bug in "Remember Last Opened Directory"
      � Removed some left-overs from the version 1.1 debugging,
        so Ctrl+Del deletes a whole line again
      � Changed the behavior of the Status Bar when renaming
        a macro
      � Removed some unnecessary lines of code in the start up
        procedure to improve speed
      � Some other small bug fixes/changes...
1.1     Released 
      � Unlimited File Size Capability
      � Added Status Bar
      � Added "Insert File" command
      � Added Overwrite ability
      � Added "Capitalize" conversion
      � Made the Find/Replace window stay on top of the main
        window, while still allowing the user to edit the text
      � Drag-and-Drop operation with right mouse button
        inserts the file instead of opening it
      � Texturizer is now capable of dragging text from one
        instance to another
      � Changed the "Auto Open In Other Text Editor" option to
        apply on binary files instead of large files
      � Made the Open/Save dialog remember the last opened
      � Added key shortcut for "Save As..." command
      � Optimized code for conversions
      � Optimized code for the Replace function
      � Changed many small things in the code...
1.03    Released 
      � Improved search speed, Find/Replace is now five
        times faster than before!
      � Added "Wrap To CR/LF's" conversion
      � Added "Rotate ASCII" conversion (����������������)
1.02    Released 
      � Added "Invert Case" conversion
      � Added "CR/LF's To Wrap" conversion
      � Added "Save Selection As" command
      � Made text Drag-and-Drop from other applications into
        Texturizer possible
      � Fixed a bug that occurred if a Drag-and-Drop with
        illegal data was performed
1.01    Released 
      � Removed the automatic Macro Properties display after
        recording a macro
      � Fixed a small "File Changed" asterisk bug when using
        the Revert command
1.0     Released 
      � The first public release of Texturizer
Written by David Tenser.
Copyright �  DJST Productions/Spunknetwork, Inc.

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